One of the major changes that will come into effect with Windows 10 is the concept of ‘Windows as a Service’. What this means is that most versions of Windows 10 will automatically receive not only security patches but also feature updates. In many ways you can think about this as like having Windows Updates turned on for both security and features.

The home user versions of Windows 10 will have these updates set as mandatory, while to gain more control over updating desktops you will need the Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise versions. These updates will not only be security patches but also new features and updates in keeping with the concept always having the latest version of Windows at all time. This in many ways this is familiar to people on mobile devices who regularly see updates pushed to their apps on their mobile devices.

If you have the Professional or the Enterprise versions of Windows 10 you’ll be able to defer product updates, but only the Enterprise version of Windows 10 will allow you to also defer security updates. This means that both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional will automatically receive the latest security updates. There is no option to disable this. With these versions, sooner or later you will receive all updates to Windows 10.

The move to constant updates is a major change for a product like Windows. It is already in place for many other products that are in use today but it is not without its risks. However the enhanced security it will create for the global Internet audience far outweighs any downside. The greatest source of infection from malware and viruses is always from systems that are not up to date.

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