Correct Solutions views the technology lifecycle as a continuous cycle of planning, growth, management, and support. This cycle repeats itself over and over again as business owners face the ever-changing landscape of technology, as well as changes stemming from their own growth and development.

The technology lifecycle can be difficult and overwhelming to manage when not properly prepared for. A business owner’s mind can be sent spinning when considering everything involved, including technical issues, planning for growth, and managing and supporting the business’s needs.

The key to effectively managing the technology lifecycle is to start looking at it as a business issue instead of a technical issue.


The most important consideration is always your infrastructure, and ensuring a solid foundation, regardless of the platform, for all of your business-critical data and ensuring you have the tools and solutions that are right for YOUR business.

Correct Solutions works hard to provide you the support and expertise you need to guide you through making smart IT decisions, and best manage your IT infrastructure. We work as your IT partner, helping you support your business and grow your infrastructure, all the while planning for the future. The technology lifecycle becomes the foundation for all IT related decisions.



Thriving organisations manage and execute their IT in line with their business’ most important objectives. The inability to align IT with an evolving business model is a universal problem that has been defined as one of the greatest challenges of business today.


Our Annual Strategy Planning Process helps to uncover higher level focus areas within your business. Through analysis of a questionnaire and a benchmark, a potential action plan can be devised and decisions made on priorities and development goals for the coming months or years. The outcome; a clear roadmap aligning the business and technology of the organisation.


SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – is a classic business strategy creation tool. Using it in a technology context can reveal many business opportunities that can be exploited during the Strategy Planning Process, as well as bring to light potential threats. This proactive process makes issues more manageable, opportunities more evident and businesses more competitive.


Visualisation Workshops are an innovative and engaging way to address current complex business issues easily. The workshop goal is to enable the development of a plan to address items identified in the Strategy Planning Process. It’s also usually the favourite exercise of our customers.



A business and its technology need to remain aligned. To this end, regular meetings bring critical value – to discover what technology and the current infrastructure can offer, while remaining focused on the current business objectives. A concise assessment within an efficient
business meeting will help to keep your business ahead of the curve.


People are what ultimately enable any business to be successful. Giving focus to your people will enable them to execute on strategic initiatives within their day-to-day operational whirlwind. A critical part of this is an execution plan. Breaking down the annual and operational plan to specific
deliverables for the next quarter keeps the team accountable and more efficient.


As more business processes are being made digital, users need better tools to automate or support their work. Often this is provided by an application. Even more often, these applications are installed by individuals, so they’re not available nor implemented company wide, and can be repeated and unconnected. Without a clear process as well as established policies and best practices, the system can quickly become a slow, confusing mess.


When your business goals are clear, your people are focused and technology is aligned and your organisation is far more likely to be successful. Our Quarterly Business Review process will allow the time to review and provide a detailed delivery path for the coming quarter.



Having workplace policies will give employees a clear indication of what is expected of them and what they can expect from you as their employer. Many workplace policies are not regulated by law, but are based on standards set by the employer in relation to expectations of behaviour in the workplace. It is your policies that drive how you do what you do each day.


As businesses grow there comes a point where more and more process is required in order to ensure that the delivery of the organisation remains consistent. Regular reviews of process and procedures will ensure that the delivery of the business remains consistent. This is particularly important when new products or services are added so as to maintain service levels and product quality.


During the year it is critical to scope the projects that will shape the year’s activities. Successful businesses are clear on why they are focusing their attention on certain activities and what they expect them to accomplish. Understanding both resource requirements as well as budget allocations, go a long way to ensuring the success of each activity and reduce any unexpected surprises.


Effective provisioning can be the difference between a successful project and one that costs the business. We believe in getting it right from the start; as such our best practices have been designed to deliver the best possible outcomes for your business. By having access to all major
distributors we ensure that your budget is top of mind.



At the core of your employees’ effectiveness is their ability to access the applications and files they need in a timely and efficient manner. Our support offerings have been designed to ensure that your employees stay productive and have minimal downtime and disruptions.


Core business applications change regularly – more features and improved integrations help solve specific problems. Regular training keeps the team updated, and can bring to light individual issues, so they can be handled within the context of the business to boost efficiency. We can provide continuous assessment, education and support for users focused on general office applications, emerging technologies, safe and secure internet usage, communication or personal productivity.


Don’t under-estimate the value of your business data. Think for a moment about the risks of losing that information or what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands. It could bring your business to a standstill, you could lose valuable intellectual property, it would affect your ability to service your customers, and could expose you to legal risk. The good news is that the risks of
this scenario can be minimised with some forward thinking.


Correct Solutions have been in business for over 20 years and have developed an extensive level of experience in both new and old technologies. We also have an extensive network of partners around the world who can assist to provide your business with solutions that we do not provide. If we can’t do it – we will know someone who can!