Apple is set to reveal a number of new products at a launch on the 9th of September. There is no confirmation from Apple as to what items will features but the speculation is rife on a number of fronts:

– A new iPhone. Apparently, the next generation iPhone 6 will be revealed that will include a larger screen amongst other improvements.

– A iWatch. Yet another way to live Apple will be to strap an oversized watch to your wrist. However, the main interest here is whether Apple in fact make this device something tied to a heath monitoring device like a FitBit.

– Another iPad. will we see a new iPad or iPad Mini? Rumours suggest no but you just never know with Apple.

– Upgraded OS. Will there be an update to the latest desktop operating system to go along with the new iPhone? Will there be a new version of iOS to also go along with the new iPhone?

Until the 9th we’ll all have to hold our breath and wait and see what Apple actually announces. In a very crowded market that will make it tough for Apple to surprise but Apple does have a track for surprising so stay tuned.