What is SharePoint?

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | September 16th, 2013

Unsurprising, SharePoint is all about sharing. In big business speak this is called ‘collaboration’ but what it really means is making information publically available in a central location so that everyone can more easily find what they are after in order to do their job.

In too many cases information ends being trapped inside disparate inboxes. This does not help a team of people working on a project that requires that information. SharePoint provides a web front end to a database into which can be stored files, folders, calendars, contacts, list and more.

SharePoint is something that can be installed on local servers or delivered from the ‘cloud’. For most people with Small Business Server they will find they already have the basic version of SharePoint known as companyweb. Alternately, people with Office 365 suites will find they have access SharePoint Online.

We find that many people who have SharePoint do not make use of it or understand what it can do for their business. The best place to start if you no experience with SharePoint is watch this video:

SharePoint in Plain English

the next step would be look at:

SharePoint Overview

To get a better idea of how it is helping many organizations take a look at:

SharePoint customer stories

and finally to actually see SharePoint start here:

Training courses for SharePoint 2013

You can of course contact us here at Correct at any stage to chat about what SharePoint can do for your business and arrange a no obligation demonstration.

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