What is Legal Hold?

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | September 25th, 2014

Legal hold is an option in some Office 365 plans that allows an administrator to preserve information stored in a users mailbox. This means that even if a user deletes an item from their mailbox, that item is retained on the servers and can be viewed using the eDiscovery options within Office 365.

This preservation ability also extends to items that a user changes within their mailbox. With legal hold enabled, a copy of the item before it was changed is retained.

Legal Hold is part of Exchange Online Plan 2 and is included with any Office 365 suite that also incorporates this plan (typically E3 and E4 plans). Importantly however, even though it is included it is not enabled by default and needs to turned on for each mailbox.

Legal hold provides a business the ability to recover digital information quickly and easily while preventing sensitive information from being removed from the system. As the name suggests it is designed to cover the eventuality where digital information is required for some legal request placed on the business.

You can read more about how to put a mailbox on legal hold here:


It is important to understand the life span of an email with online services and appreciate when it can and cannot be recovered.

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