IRM or Information Rights Management is a way to protect your data, no matter where it is sent. Imagine being able to send someone an email and restricting them to only reading it, while preventing them from forwarding, copying or printing it.

Within a single network IRM can be established without too much effort. Where it becomes challenging is when information needs to be sent outside the organisation, typically across the public Internet. The challenge is that when data is ,there typically needs to be a IRM server which can be referred to, in order to determine what actions can be taken on that data. Within a single local area network that is straight forward, but on the Internet, not so much!

Services like Office 365 are now beginning to offer secure data using IRM, no matter where it is. IRM in Office 365 has in fact just been extended to include the personal storage location for each user, as the following blog post details:

IRM is generally only available on the Enterprise Office 365 plans, so if you are looking to take more control of your data then you could contact us on 02 8831 8200.