Most users inside a business have a unique mailbox that is dedicated to their messages. However, one advantage email servers provide is the ability to configure and also use what is known as shared mailboxes.

Shared mailboxes are typically used for generic accounts like accounts@, sales@, info@, etc. Email for those accounts is then delivered to the Shared Mailbox as with any other mailbox, however a Shared Mailbox is then accessible by a number of different users.

These users can have a range of permissions on that mailbox as determined by the network administrator. They may be able to simply read the emails that are delivered there or they may have the ability to make any changes in the mailbox as well as send from that mailbox.

This allows the load of managing a generic mailbox to be handled by a group of people. It also allows such emails to stored and managed in a central location that is independent of individual users. This can be very handy if there is a large turnover of staff, as rights can be easily added and removed to the Shared Mailbox without the need to change its identity.

If you are redirecting generic email accounts to individual users inboxes then you should be perhaps considering using Shared Mailboxes to provide more flexibility and control. There are many ways that you can improve the way you use your email system and all you need to do is give Correct a call on (02) 8831 8200 and let us help you. With our experience we can ensure that you email system is humming along as efficiently as possible at all times

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