What you are reading here is a blog or to give it its full title, a web log. The idea behind a blog is that it provides an easy method for people to publish and share their knowledge. You’d be hard pressed these days to find a major business that doesn’t have a corporate blog to help them disseminate information about their business to the public.

Blogging can also reap real benefits when used inside an organisation. If you stop and consider how much ad hoc information inside a business is not actually documented, you may begin to appreciate how beneficial documenting this somewhere can be. A side effect of blogging is that it encourages interaction between those who publish and those who read. Such interaction may have never taken place between because they never meet face to face.

Blogging is virtually free to start and generally just requires a place to start saving the information. If you have a product like SharePoint, whether on premise or in the cloud, then you already have a blogging platform. You can also use a program like Word to compose and post articles to a blog quickly and easily.

The most important thing about blogging is simply getting the information saved to a place that it can easily be accessed (and hopefully found) using search technology. Many people fear blogging because they don’t feel their authoring skills are strong enough, but that shouldn’t be used as an excuse. The more people blog, the better their authorship becomes and those improved skills also flow over into other improvements in the way they communicate within a business.

There are very positive benefits for both the business and the employee when it comes to blogging. It is extremely cheap to get started with blogging, so cost should not be an impediment. If you encourage blogging in your business you might be very surprised at the information that surfaces and how quickly your employees enjoy the ability to express themselves and help others.