What do you do with old technology?

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | December 11th, 2013


The rate at which everyone upgrades technology these days is rapidly increasing. This means that there is a lot of obsolete equipment out there. So what happens to it? Most people simply dump it but there are far more ecologically sound ways to dispose of old equipment.

One option that we can recommend is:


which is a business specifically established to ethically dispose of old technology and e-waste. There is a small cost to do this, usually measured by the weight of what you wish to dispose of. Also, depending on the amount of e-waste you wish to dispose of, pick up can be arranged.

Many local councils now also have dedicated e-waste centres and annual curb side pickups that you can take advantage of. In many cases where the equipment is still functioning the ability to donate to a suitable charity is also an option worth considering.

As the rate of technology change increases and we move from a desktop to a device world, we need to start thing much more about how we dispose of all the e-waste that we are generating. If your business doesn’t have a plan for how it handles e-waste then it probably should as there would seem little doubt that legislation will be enacted to ensure that the issue is managed appropriately.

Also ensure that before you dispose of your old equipment that it is securely wiped of any corporate information.

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