Some reports are saying that Microsoft will reveal a “technology preview” of what has become known a ‘Windows Threshold’ in September or early October. Reports also indicate that this version will eventually become known as Windows 9.

It would would seem that Microsoft has abandoned major updates of the functionality of the existing Windows 8 desktop operating system in favour of starting afresh with a completely new version of Windows. This would seem to be spurred to an extent by the poor name Windows 8 has gained (mostly unfairly) in the marketplace. No matter how revolutionary or well a product works, once it has been tainted by bad press the time and effort to overcome this is generally not worthwhile. That time is much better spent invested in a fresh start, which seems to be Microsoft’s approach.

What ‘Threshold’ will actually contain remains a mystery. There are rumours of interface changes as well as additional features, but as yet this is all speculation. One would suspect that Threshold will be very much like Windows 8 but will probably reduce the dependency of the operating system on the need for touch devices which are yet still to become widely popular in the market, especially the enterprise and business market where Microsoft generates most of its revenue.

What does this mean for you? As yet nothing. You simply need to stay posted to the Correct blog for updates as the become available. We’ll post more information and hopefully hands on experience when it actually becomes available.