We came across an interesting article recently.  A survey conducted by LinkedIn polled over 7000 professionals from around the globe about which tools and trends will disappear from offices in the next five years.  It seems that nobody is expecting to be sending faxes in 2017.

The top ten tools expected to go the way of the dinosaur according to the survey looked like this;

Tape recorders, fax machines, the Rolodex, standard working hours, desk phones, desktop computers, formal business attire (like suits, ties and pantyhose), the corner office for managers/executives, cubicles and USB thumb drives.

Of course, most respondents believe tools such as tablets and notebooks will become increasingly common, a perception that is easy to understand given our gradual shift to mobile technologies.

Even in the last 12 months, manufacturers are seeing a definite decline in traditional PC sales, while tablets and notebooks continue to gain market share.