Gulf Western Oil was running their accounting system on an aging Small Business Server 2003.  Both the physical infrastructure and the operating system were struggling to keep up with the workload and they were seeing some real performance issues.

As the incumbent IT Partner, Correct Solutions was asked to provide consultation and a suitable solution.  Correct recommended a HP ML Series Server virtualised using Microsoft Hyper-V.

Virtualisation enabled Correct to provide a host platform that could run the new Small Business Server 2011 as well as the SQL Database and Terminal/RDS Server in stand-alone instances.  Having separate instances means that the resources of the server can be allocated in such a way as to maximise the performance of a single piece of hardware while consolidating the number of physical servers require to provide the solution.

New software licenses were required to deliver the solution.  Correct Solutions recommended Open Licensing for SBS 2011 as it gives Gulf Western Oil flexibility to move the licensing from one physical box to another if needs be, thereby enabling hardware independent restore in a disaster recovery scenario.

Correct recommended Open Value with Software Assurance for the Terminal/RDS Server as it affords them upgrade rights during the period of active Software Assurance, providing an upgrade path for the future.

Minimal downtime resulted from the migration and the client now enjoys significant performance improvements from their accounting system.

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Size: 11 – 49 seats


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