Technology these days does amazing things. It now runs so much faster and does so much more than it ever used to. However, that also means that our technology runs much hotter than it ever used to. To keep everything cool, most devices have fans installed to dissipate the heat.

This means that your technology is forcibly venting hot air away from your machine into the general environment. If you elect to stuff your machine (desktop or server) under a desk and then cover it with all sorts of other things, chances are the machine will not remain as cool as it should due to a lack of airflow.

Restricted airflow will result in your machine running much hotter than it should. This would not only mean that the life of your equipment is shorter because it is running above temperature, but it may also be a fire hazard for your business. With this in mind, it is therefore very important that you allow your machines room to breathe, and dissipate the heat they generate by leaving space around them, especially near the fans.

This is even more critical for servers which generate far more heat that normal desktops. For this reason servers should not live under desks or stuck in a corner where fresh air cannot reach them. They really should be in a dedicated space that is preferably air conditioned to maintain a low ambient temperature.

Of course this is not always possible, however no matter what the environment, you need to be aware that all machines need good ventilation to optimise their lives.

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