IT has changed dramatically over the past few years. Gone are the days when the IT department simply kept computers running, enabling other staff to do their jobs faster. Today IT is a business driver, and an innovative IT department is vital for any organisation – large or small – wanting to gain a competitive advantage.

And, just as the function of IT has changed, so too have IT employees. No longer do IT departments work in silos, following specs to supply code. These days IT employees are business leaders, helping to determine a company’s future direction and kick-start business ideas.

In this article, we look at just a few ways IT – and IT staff – can benefit your business.


Today, huge amounts of customer data can be collected and analysed, enabling better-targeted marketing. ‘Big data’ means businesses can show customers the type of products they’re most likely to be interested in. A great example of this is Amazon, which shows customers products they might like based on previous purchases and browsing. ‘Big data’ can be used to grow any business, whether large or small – you don’t need to be Amazon to use data effectively.

Security and privacy

Because companies now have access to personal information through data, security and privacy have become major issues. Hackers constantly endeavour to break through security systems, meaning IT business teams need to stay ahead. All businesses need to make sure their systems can protect their data.

Corporate social responsibility

Customers and shareholders like the companies they support or invest in to be good corporate citizens. This means showing they care about issues like human rights and the environment. IT can help with this by creating green e-products or implementing an infrastructure that minimises environmental impact.

Up-to-date knowledge

Most IT employees are really into IT. At home, they’re likely to have the latest tech products and be across new concepts. This puts them in a great position to suggest what the next set of customer-driven changes might be – and could put your business ahead of the game. So listen to your staff and you could even run focused IT idea labs to get input from your wider team.

Problem-solving and decision-making

Because working in IT calls for strategic thinking, as well as project management skills like agile product development, IT employees have a great skillset that can be adapted to other areas of a business. They also have a vital role to play when it comes to company investment in equipment and technology. IT employees can assess and recommend the best solutions in terms of cost, efficiency, end-user capability.  These solutions may involve outsourcing IT as well as using IT in-house staff.

How Correct Solutions can help

Correct Solutions can help steer your planning in the right direction. Our Strategy Workshops effectively kick-start ideas for ways in which technology can help grow your business. If you have a one-off requirement, our Solution Selection Workshops help you weigh up the pros and cons, making it easier to decide on a new solution.

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