Use a shared mailbox

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | February 4th, 2014


Most businesses understand the concept of having a unique mailbox for every user but some don’t appreciate that it is also possible to configure something known as a shared mailbox so that multiple people can access information that is sent there.

Many businesses use a shared mailbox for generic email address such as sales@ or info@. They then allow a subset of users to access this email box to view and potentially respond to its contents.This prevents generic email information from ending up in users mailboxes as well as keeping such information in a single location. It also means that over time, with staff changes, it is easy to allocate and de-allocate users from the shared mailbox. This allows new users to the mailbox complete access to all the email history.

If you need a shared mailbox configured on your system don;t hesitate to contact us here at Correct Solutions and we can set it up quick and easily for you.

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