Time to change your eBay password

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 23rd, 2014


EBay has reported that all users will be forced to change their passwords after their systems were compromised in an attack that may lead to users details being vulnerable. According to eBay a ‘small number of employee log-in credentials’ had been compromised allowing access to their systems.

The company reports that there is no evidence of there being unauthorized activity on users accounts but it is taking the precautionary step of requiring users to change their passwords none the less. The database that was stolen did not include financial or confidential information but did contain names, addresses, phone numbers and encrypted passwords.

Thus, if you use eBay expect that you will be required to change your password at next login. That may be a great opportunity to start using Lastpass to not only generate but also securely save your passwords. It may also be the time to implement the two factor authentication with eBay logins.

Because eBay also owns PayPal it is able to provide a security key that can be utilized at login. The security can be in the form of a ‘dongle’ or a code sent to a mobile phone. You can read more about this option at:


This latest compromise highlights the need for users to implement as many security options as are available to ensure that their access remains as safe as possible.

Ebay has 128 million active users and accounts for about US$212 billion worth of commerce via its services in 2013.

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