The world’s second most popular search engine

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | November 19th, 2013

Can you guess what it is? If you answered Bing then you’d be wrong because the correct answer is YouTube. If you haven’t tried this yet just go to YouTube and search for help on any topic, you’ll be amazed at how many results you’ll get back.Of course there will be a lot of low quality videos but if you spend some time sifting through the results you’ll generally find some fantastic nuggets of knowledge.

The other thing that YouTube does really well is allow you to subscribe to other people’s channels. Thus, if you want to learn the guitar you can subscribe to a channel that will provided you weekly lessons. Beyond that, YouTube is becoming the ultimate cable network with millions and millions of different content providers uploading programs that you can subscribe to and watch on a regular basis. More than that, subscribers can easily consume their favourite content on any device no matter where they are.

So if YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine what is you business doing to exploit that opportunity? Have you considered using YouTube to promote your business? Sell your good and services? Provide customer support? It really isn’t that difficult creating and editing videos these days. Most mobiles allow you to quickly and easily capture high quality video.

In a world with ever decreasing attention spans, video is become a very important medium to use to get your message out. YouTube is probably the best vehicle for achieving this and is something that as a business you need to be considering seriously.

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