One of the biggest complaints users had with Windows 8 was the lack of a traditional start menu. Microsoft’s reason for making such radical changes to the Windows interface was because it forecast there would be a lot more touch enabled devices on the market when Windows 8 became available. This unfortunately did not prove to be the case as most users still had traditional desktops.

After providing some initial changes to Windows 8 with the 8.1 update, Microsoft has now announced it has gone all the way and brought back the familiar start menu.


This feature is rumoured becoming available in Windows 8.1 update 1 which will be downloadable for users via Windows Update from April 8. The update will also provide a number of enhancements to the interface as well including the ability to run ‘metro’ style apps in a separate window on the desktop.

You will also notice that the proposed new start menu now has Live Tiles, much like Windows Phone in an obvious move to continue to allow for the growing number of touch interfaces. There will also be greater consistency of the interface across all form factors, providing users with a true universal appearance.

Although Microsoft has been resistant to changing the Windows 8 interface, these most recent updates illustrate that it is not only listening but also reacting to the demands of users. The speed at which this update combined with other product releases from Microsoft is truly stunning given recent history. Hopefully it demonstrates that Microsoft is on a different path than what it used to be and will continue to provide some real innovation to many of its traditional users in an effort to get them to adopt the latest versions of technology.

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*** Update 8th April – Microsoft has deferred the introduction of a new Start Menu until August apparently. We wait with baited breath.