There would be few people out there who aren’t aware of LinkedIn, but if you aren’t, think of it as a professional/business networking service much like what Facebook does for personal interactions. However, there many distinct differences once you get below the surface of these products.

The first thing is that Linkedin has been around a lot longer than Facebook. It has also always been very focused on helping people build their business network. We all know that when it comes to business it is not only what you know, it is also who you know. Therefore building a strong business network can really benefit your career. Many businesses and recruiters today turn to Linkedin first to find the ‘right’ people.

Another way to think of Linkedin is as a living CV in which you can catalogue all your achievements and receive recommendations and endorsements from colleagues. In fact, if you do use Linkedin, this something that you should always be encouraging as an on going process.

Linkedin also has the ability to create company pages that focus on the business rather than the individuals. You can associate Linkedin individual profiles with businesses and allow prospects to find out more information about your products and services.

However the key to Linkedin is normally the professional groups that you can join. These are groups focused on a specific topic of interest. They can be private or they can be public but they are filled with discussions and people sharing their knowledge around the topic area. If you want to learn more about a specific topic then you should really join a Linkedin group.

Like most of new services available via social media, Linkedin is something that your business can take advantage of, and should be something promoted within a business. The only initial cost is just a bit of time to set things up and enter relevant information in there.

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