The growing influence of Amazon

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | November 15th, 2013


Amazon has just announced that it is opening up a dedicated Australian web site, offering a range of Kindle Fire tablets locally as well as a local eBook store featuring Australian authors.

Many Australians already have a Kindle and buy directly from Amazon in the US via the Internet. A local version of Amazon will mean that purchases made there will be billed in Australian rather than US dollars as well as opening up additional services (i.e. app store) to locals. There is also the hope that we will see local version of popular Amazon apps like their streaming music service.

Amazon has also committed to opening a data centre for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Australia. all of this points to the growing influence of Amazon on our shores. When most people think of Cloud computing they typically think of Microsoft and Google but Amazon probably has the most mature cloud based model with an army of extremely loyal customers.

The future seems bright for Amazon customers in Australia with an expected growing range of services from the retailing giant. Some of our local retail establishments had better start watching their back much closer.

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