One of the most effective tools that Correct uses internally is Lync. Lync is the business version of Skype and allows chat, video conferencing as well a direct phone integration.

With integration into our phone system we are able to communicate more effectively because we have more choices to make contact. For example, if you only need a quick response from someone you can quickly ‘ping’ them via a chat session and ask the question. Even if that person is on the phone they can usually reply to allow you to keep working.

One of the major trends with technology is the ability to work remotely and Lync makes this even easier. This is because Lync functions anywhere there is a connection to the Internet. No matter where staff are located they can stay in touch with everyone else at Correct quickly and easily. Lync also has the ability to be used on mobile devices making it even more pervasive and beneficial.

Having all Correct staff available quickly and easily is a huge benefit for Correct, in being able to provide our customers a better and faster service. Although Correct has chosen to implement Lync using its own server, you can also obtain Lync via a subscription through a service like Office 365. There are obviously some limitations when you use a shared service like Office 365 but these limitations are fast diminishing.

If you are interested in understanding what Lync is all about, and how Correct staff use it, just ask us. If you are interested in actually implementing or trialling Lync for yourself again, please contact us to arrange a demo and a quote.

Tools like Lync are the new way to collaborate. They don’t replace the phone – they simply provide more ways to ensure you stay in touch with your team. Correct Solutions is living proof of exactly that.