Technology Changes

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 16th, 2013

PC2PC sales are continuing to fall. Companies such as Dell and Intel are reporting reductions of around 25% per quarter going forward. Some have chosen to blame the low adoption of Windows 8 but the more likely explanation is the seismic shift to tablet and mobile devices. This combined with the fact that PCs are becoming more and more reliable and it would seem the days of growing PC desktop sales perhaps are behind us.

This doesn’t however mean that the desktop PC will be confined to history. It will mean a changing role for the PC both at home and in business. The PC will now become a central device with which people will do ‘work’, typically this will mean when content is needed to be created because we are yet to find a better input device than a keyboard.  Around this central PC will be a growing cadre of mobile devices that are used more and more to ‘consume’ content.

With this in mind, how prepared is your business for the changing technology landscape? Are you still running antiquated technology like Windows XP (now over 10 years old)?  If you are then it is probably worthwhile examining how much this old technology is in fact costing you and how much it is holding your business back.

We are more than happy to come and demonstrate how the latest software and hardware offerings can increase your businesses productivity and save you money, give us a call today to find our more.

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