Video Conferencing doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars to implement.  We believe in starting small and thinking big – and we can talk from personal experience.

Within our own organisation, we have a distributed team, with staff members working from interstate locations and also regularly from client sites or home offices.   The importance of being able to sync back with the team for daily updates is of paramount importance to us, so we set about creating in house Video Conferencing facilities using the Microsoft Lync platform.

You really can start small and think big with this system.  We initially implemented some low cost video equipment (camera, microphone, speakers) in our boardroom.

With Lync installed on the boardroom PC and on all our team members’ notebooks, we instantly had a VC solution with a very low set up cost.

It has since scaled up from there; we’ve installed a 360 degree unified communications camera in our boardroom facilities and as our team grows, so does our reliance on this conferencing infrastructure.

We’re also pleased to say we’ve rolled out similar projects for our clients.  If you’re looking for a way to get video conferencing enabled but don’t want to break the budget doing so, Correct can guide you on how to do this.