Sway is part of Office 365

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | June 16th, 2015

Microsoft’s latest productivity software, Sway, has now been incorporated into Office 365. You will find it when you select the ‘waffle’ in the top left of the browser from within Office 365.


The most common question is – what is Sway? In essence Sway is a very basic presentation tool. Does it replace PowerPoint? No, because PowerPoint has many features that Sway doesn’t.  But, what Sway does well is remove a lot of the complexity when presenting information. This is great if all you want to do is get your message across. However, PowerPoint will always remain as the professional tool for creating presentations.

Sway is an extra tool you now have available in Office 365 to help your business. For a good overview of Sway check out this video:


And the example of Sway here:


Best of all you don’t need Office 365 to use Sway, you can sign up directly at:


Sway is worth looking at because it is a new way of presenting and saving information. It also indicates the direction that many software vendors are going by introducing products with a very simplified interface to perform basic but common tasks.

If you have any questions about Office 365 or Sway contact Correct on (02) 8331 3200.

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