Microsoft has has now made available in Australia its third generation of Surface Pro device. You can purchase this online from Microsoft or from some large electronic retail shops.

The Surface Pro 3 come in a number of different models starting with a 64GB / Intel i3 all the way up to a 512GB / Intel i7 machine. Prices start from under $1,000 but remember that the device doesn’t come with keyboard which is normally and additional $150 purchase. For more detailed information see:

So why should you consider a Surface Pro 3? These days, the machines that we use are more and more simply an interface into services that are consumed elsewhere. More importance is placed on attributes as lightweight and portability than raw power. Another important consideration is that many devices that we use these days serve multiple roles. We use them at work and we use them for leisure. Music, videos and games can be just as important to many people as spreadsheets and documents. That is why more people are choosing ‘hybrid’ devices.

A ‘hybrid’ device will function as as a desktop replacement as well as mobile device and this is exactly what the Surface Pro 3 is designed to accomplish. It is a fully featured Windows PC but also has the flexibility to be a tablet devices for the times that you need the portability.

Although a Surface Pro 3 is a fantastic device, if you have never used one then it is recommended that you get some hands on with one in a shop to determine whether it works for you ergonomically. A smaller keyboard and screen can be challenging for those used to a full size keyboard and monitor. You can of course plug in these full size devices to the Surface but you should still get some hands one before purchasing because the form factor is very different from what most people are used to.

One of the deep integration features that Surface Pro 3 has now is OneNote. The scribe that comes with the new Surface allow one click access to OneNote, even if the device is powered off. Surface also comes with a range of accessories, such as a docking station, allowing it to easily replace your existing desktop machine.

If you are considering a new machine and want something that has all the power of a desktop but with the portability of a mobile device then take a look at the Surface Pro 3.