Surface 2 is coming

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | October 4th, 2013

Microsoft is shortly to release an update to its Surface devices to be known as Surface 2. Most of the improvements to the devices are incremental rather than revolutionary in nature. Surface 2 will be again available in two distinct model, the Surface and the Surface Pro, the older Surface RT moniker has now been dropped.


The most disappointing aspect of the Surface 2 announcement was pricing. Surface devices generally remain more expensive than other devices available on the market. Surface devices are certainly of superior quality, however to remain competitive Microsoft really needs to make these devices a little cheaper in my opinion

One of the nice improvements is the lift in battery life for both devices due largely  to improved hardware that the devices use. One of the other enhancements that Microsoft has focused on is providing an expanded range of peripherals, including a docking station. Unfortunately, most of these new peripherals will only work with the Surface 2 devices.

If you are considering a small light, notebook style device that can occasionally masquerade as a tablet then Surface devices are great. Even for home users they are a great replacement for traditional desktop towers. The biggest thing if you are considering such a device is to actually go and have look and ensure that you are comfortable with the screen and the keyboard. It is certainly smaller than you expect.

For further information about the upcoming Surface 2 devices check out the following site from Microsoft:

Finally, remember that the Surface Pro is the device that is more like a traditional PC that allows you to run most existing Windows software. A Surface device is more like an iPad in that it is limited in what it can run. Both devices are certainly worth a look if you are in the market for a new portable machine.

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