You only have to flick open the Business section of any given paper to know at the moment, times are tough. Companies are cutting back on spending. Problem – nobody can afford to just bunker down and take cover until the economic climate brightens; it is imperative that businesses continue to grow and manage that growth appropriately.

This includes their infrastructure and when it comes to IT, a sturdy, well-maintained and up-to-date system can be the cornerstone of a productive organisation. But IT investment can be daunting – particularly with all the warnings about tightening the purse strings and news bulletins that bring tidings of economic woe.

So how does a company even think about updating server infrastructure that is low on disk space and slowing down the exchange of information? How does a business facilitate refreshing an old fleet of PCs that are potential security threats due to old operating systems and applications?

In principle, the investment is undeniably important; new infrastructure takes advantage of the latest improvements in both hardware and software technology. It can make a huge difference in the performance of a company’s network – the improvements in speed make the network feel tangibly zippier.

An investment in your IT can bring you real savings in areas such as power consumption and staff productivity and actually save money across other aspects of your business!