Screen real estate is always at a premium and many times you need to position application windows so that you can see more than one application at a time. Versions of Windows from 7 provide a very handy way to position windows on a screen to make viewing much easier.

You can easily ‘snap’ an application to either side of the screen by holding down the Windows key on the keyboard (that’s the one between the Ctrl and Alt in the lower left hand side) and then pressing an arrow key. Thus, if you wish to ‘snap’ the current application to the left hand side press the Windows key and the left arrow. When you do that you should see the application ‘snap’ to left side and consume half the screen.

If you continue to press the Windows key and the left arrow you will see the application move around the borders of the screen. You can also use the Windows key with any other arrow key.

You can continue to use the Windows key and arrow keys to quickly position the running applications the way you want them. This also works very well when you are using multiple screens.

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