SkyDrive to become OneDrive

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | February 5th, 2014


After recently losing a legal battle over using the name SkyDrive Microsoft has announced the name for its revamped consumer and business web storage product. Going forward it will be known as OneDrive.

Microsoft have also done away with the SkyDrive Pro moniker and named their business version OneDrive for business, which will be seen in products like Office 365. All this was recently announced in a blog post from Microsoft.

The actual OneDrive product is yet to surface but you can sign up for a preview at:

No word as yet to when OneDrive will be available but sources say it won’t be very long at all. The interesting thing to see is whether the OneDrive product incorporates any feature updates or improvements over what SkyDrive currently offers.

The guess is that the change from SkyDrive to OneDrive for consumers will be pretty seamless, however questions still surround how the transition for business users will roll out. For Office 365 users the transition should again be pretty seamless but for tradition on premise SharePoint users the path forward is not so clear.

With the new name finally announced we hope now that Microsoft can work to bring additional features to its web based storage product for both consumers and businesses.

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