SkyDrive Pro Online upgrade

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | September 4th, 2013


Microsoft has recently announced three major improvements to SkyDrive Pro Online.

1. SkyDrive Pro storage for all licensed users will be increased from the current 7GB to 25GB be default.

2. The amount of storage of available to users with SkyDrive Pro can be increased up to a maximum of 100GB with this being drawn from the shared pooled. You are able to purchase additional shared storage with all SharePoint Online plans (although at the moment only E plans have that option currently available).

3. A new Shared with me view to easily located documents that have been shared with a user.

You can read about all these updates at:

If nothing else it demonstrates the progress that Office 365 is continuing to make (and how cheap online data is becoming). There is every likelihood that the amount of space available will increase while the price will continue to decrease.

The trend with collaboration is all about shared rather than siloed. This means most of the information that business work with these days should be made publically available rather than simply remain private in inboxes where it is only of use to that individual. For many businesses this means a significant cultural change but the benefits become self evident once it starts occurring. Ask yourself next time you go to send something only via email whether in fact it would be better served by making it public. If it is the next question is how would you do that easily in your current environment? If you have no answer then maybe it is time to start considering SharePoint for better collaboration.

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