SharePoint Online storage grows

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | March 24th, 2014


Microsoft has just announced the increase in the maximum site collection size in SharePoint Online up to 1 TB. It has also announced that SharePoint Online can now be scaled to an unlimited amount of online storage.

These announcements were made in a recent blog post:

SharePoint Online announces 1TB site collections and unlimited tenant storage scale

This allows components like Onedrive for Business to be scaled up to 1 TB for each user. Onedrive for Business provides a 25GB starting capacity for users, but for those who may require more an administrator can easily assign more storage from the global pool. Purchasing additional SharePoint Online storage is also quick and easy.

Most cloud storage providers are seeing explosive growth and are adding more and more capacity while at the same time reducing prices dramatically. It indicates that adoption of cloud based storage is growing fast, not doubts due to the huge amounts of storage that are now available.

SharePoint Online provides a number of advantages over traditional files and folders in that it includes version history, check in and check out, eDiscovery, workflows and more. SharePoint Online should be considered as a collaboration system rather than simply a document repository and to make the most of what is offered you need to have a good overview of what it is all about.

Correct Solutions has been using SharePoint for many years and has built up extensive experience using the product both internally and with customers. We therefore encourage business to come to us early and speak about their SharePoint needs to avoid all the common pitfalls with the product.

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