Generally sending large email attachments these days is a no no. Many email systems do not support sending or receiving of attachments over a certain size. So what do you do if you REALLY need to send a very large file to someone who really only understands email?

You could of course use something like OneDrive which we have talked about here before. That however, requires you to create a Microsoft account, which isn’t hard but for a once off transfer may not be worthwhile. If you just want to send a single large file to someone via email have a look at:

Basically, you wish the web site, upload your file and then enter the recipients emails address and press send. The recipient will receive an email with a download link to retrieve the file, no logins required.

There is no cost for this service up to a certain file size limit (2GB). You can subscribe to a premium service that allows larger files if needed but keep in mind that if you are not paying for the product then you ARE the product (a la Facebook). This means your file is not sent securely and you may be targeted for advertising.

However, as a free occasional, non-secure, easy file option We Transfer works well.