Earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to be allowed out of my cage to represent Correct Solutions at the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference. Correct was bestowed the almost immortal status of SMB High Flyers due to us introducing a number of our customers to Office365 and Microsoft Azure!

Along with 14 other High Flying SMB’ers I was treated to 3 days of relaxation and enjoyment prior to the commencement of the conference itself.

We were driven around the Gold Coast in our very own Stretch Hummer Limo, treated to accommodation at Jupiters and a Dracula’s show on the first night. The next day saw us cruising around the Broadwater on a rather fancy boat complete with Jet skiing, followed by a really nice dinner at Peppers Seaduction. The pre-conference piece was brought to a close with a climb up the outside of Skypoint for a wholly different perspective on the Gold Coast.

Having a really awesome bunch of people made the time even more enjoyable and beyond the above, what happened on tour, stays on tour!

Ryan joined me from the Monday afternoon and together we ventured into the experience that was APC.

The conference itself was for me an eye opening experience, with a large focus on Partner Development and enabling partners to grow and be profitable. There were some really fantastic presentations from people who clearly know their stuff, and the key benefit for Correct was the introduction of a new track dedicated to Business Growth and Modern Marketing, two things that are at the top of mind for me with the challenges Ryan has set me around growth of the Correct business over the coming few years.

From a customer perspective I have come away from APC with a number of ideas around how we can provide better solutions using Cloud products. I am confident that by moving some or all of the functions within your business to the cloud we can also help you to grow and be profitable!