Reboot occasionally

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | September 30th, 2013


We all know that technology can be challenging and many times also frustrating. Darren Geyer from the Correct Helpdesk has provided a really simple tip that may help overcome some of these frustrations.

The solution is as simple as doing a full reboot occasionally. This applies not just to you desktop PC but also to your mobile devices as well. A full reset of a device will clear the memory and remove programs that may have gone rogue consuming resources. This is particularly relevant if you don’t power your desktop down after hours, tending to just log out.

Most people are familiar with how to power down or reboot their workstations but many have no idea how to completely power off an iPad for example. Here’s how you do this on Apple iOS devices for example:

You may have to do some Google-ing to find out how to do this specifically for your device but it shouldn’t be hard to find. Remember, if you do have any issues resetting your device please contact us here at Correct, we’d be more than happy to help,

So if your technology starts giving you trouble, take a moment and do a complete reboot and/or a power off and see if the issue continues. Chances are it won’t and you’ll be able to get on with your day.

Thanks Darren for the tip.

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