Technology training is essential for productivity, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line. Keeping your staff, including new employees, up to date with the ins and outs of IT applications saves time and money. Plus, it increases your competitive edge in the digital culture of today.

But how many companies expect or even worse assume a minimum knowledge with applications like Microsoft Office? And how many of those companies provide training to improve this?

In our experience the number is very low, particularly in the SME and Mid-Market space. If you could improve your bottom line would you invest in the basics?

CorrectED, Correct Solutions own unique IT training solution, was developed to help you transform the way you and your team work. It’s our tried-and-tested expertise, wrapped up in a quick, sharp customised program package.

Quality computer training

The CorrectED model provides programs that are effective in theory and in practice. Our unique training approach uses real-life examples to make concepts and methods easy to understand.

Our training includes the full suite of Microsoft applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Power BI, Outlook, OneNote, Office365, PowerApps, Sway, Yammer, SharePoint, Skype, OneDrive, Flow, and Office Delve.

The CorrectED training packages

We listened to the needs of our customers. We understand that time, resources and productivity is important to you. That’s why we developed three primary packages to fit in with your budget and schedule.

“Lunch and Learn” or “Breakfast and Learn”

A 90 minute session held over a lunch break or a pre-office hours breakfast. This training session is a quick way to get a group of six to fifteen people up to speed. Participants bring in their laptops, so they can immediately put their new knowledge into practice. This also allows our trainers to troubleshoot any problems on the spot. Booklets and access to online resources are available for staff to continue their learning and discovery post classroom. Plus, our trainers are also available for one-on-one support directly after the session.

Deep Dive

This session is for a minimum of three people and offers an in-depth look at the IT skills that your staff need. It can be tailored to focus on any of the applications and/or programs you choose. The training session lasts three hours, easily fitting into a morning or afternoon. Workbooks are also provided as well.

Company Subscription

This handy system puts the responsibility for furthering knowledge in the hands of your staff. We give your team access to an online portal where they see available courses and select the ones they would like (one each per quarter). Once three people sign up for a course, we run the training session. This ensures your staff are getting the ongoing, self-motivated training they need. And it’s all done in person by our experienced trainers directly at your office.

Why sign on for computer training?

There are so many reasons to ensure your staff are up to date and skilful when it comes to using your IT applications – we laid many of them out in a previous blog post: Four ways that Computer Training makes your business work better. It improves staff efficiency, allows everyone to get the most out of all programs and apps and, helps make the workflow smoother and quicker. It also ensures your company is future-proofed; there’s nothing worse when the only person who knows how to work a system leaves and takes all that knowledge with them.

Above all, training is an investment in your most valuable resource: your people. By showing you value your staff and are willing to equip and up skill them increases employee satisfaction, which in turn can reduce turnover.

Are you ready to transform learning?

Transforming your workplace and establishing training can be a daunting task. That’s why we developed CorrectED.

Download our brochure to discover more about our CorrectED service or get in touch and find out what we can do for you.