Some of the tools that are becoming available are truly staggering. One of these is Power Map from Microsoft, that is an addition to Excel. Power Map allows you to display geographical information visually as shown above.

This means that if you have information that contains geographical information such as as postcodes, you can display them visually on a map. This can provide a lot more meaning and in some cases reveals things that pure numbers can’t.

Map button on the insert tab

Power Map is now part of Excel 2013 and is simply accessed via the Insert tab as shown above.

If you haven’t looked at all the new functionality in tools like Power Map, Power View, Power Pivot and the like, then you should because they make large scale data analysis very easy. Best of all, you can now publish many of these results directly to the web using something like Power BI for Office 365, and share them as dashboards with others inside and outside your organisation.

If you need help with data visualisation or using Excel please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange consultation as well as training to suit your needs.