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Blog Author: Aaron Smith | June 12th, 2013

keyboardSome people are “mouse” people and see no need for keyboard shortcuts.  Others swear by them and would be lost without them and while touch is becoming more and more prevalent, the humble keyboard is not extinct just yet!  If you love your keyboard shortcuts, here are a few of our favourites.

Windows Key Shortcuts…

Windows Key + D: Will minimise all open windows to reveal the desktop.  Use this key combo to maximise them all again.

Win + Home: minimises all open Windows, except the active window.

Windows Key + E: Will open Windows Explorer so that you can easily get to your drive and file locations.

Windows 7 Shortcut for dual monitors – Win + Shift + Left or Right Arrow: Will move the active application window from one monitor to another.

Ctrl + Shift + N (in Windows 7) will create a new folder anywhere a folder can be created.

Windows + L: Locks your computer

Handy keybaord shortcuts for Internet Explorer…

Ctrl + D: Add a favourite, brings up the dialog box to add the current webpage to your favourites.

Ctrl + H: Show History

F6: Selects the entire address bar text so that you can type a specific URL into the address bar. (Alt + D does the same thing)

F4: Selects the entire address bar text and also displays the history list

F5: Refresh.


Keyboard Warriors; what are your favourite shortcuts or tips for saving time?

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