OneDrive ups to 10GB

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | September 16th, 2014

Microsoft has announced that the consumer version of its cloud storage, OneDrive, now permits file transfers of up to 10GB in size per single file. This is an increase from the 2GB previously provided.

As yet however there is no word as to when the same file limit increase will come to OneDrive for Business. It is certainly expected to follow suit but as yet there is no word to as when this may transpire.

According to this blog post:

new updates to OneDrive also include the ability for faster syncing and easier sharing from Windows Explorer. You can now drag and drop folders directly to the web version of OneDrive.

OneDrive is great place to store many of your personal files that you need to access on various devices. It is also a great place to use as a backup for things like photos. You can use this backup facility with Windows and Android phones as well and there are dedicated OneDrive apps for most mobile platforms.

If you need some help configuring or working with OneDrive or OneDrive for Business then please give us here at Correct a call on 02 8831 8200

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