Office 365 Document Fingerprinting

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 27th, 2014


Microsoft is implementing many new techniques to ensure that information stored in Office 365 remains secure. One of these recent improvements is the concept of document fingerprinting.

What document fingerprinting means is that you can upload a template of a document you want to monitor and then set actions based on matching documents that are sent by attachments. This means that you can restrict sensitive information from travelling outside your organization.

There is a lot of control over what actions can be taken when a match is detected, for example you can block the attachment or you can pop up a warning message. It is quite flexible in what you can do when you detect a match.

At the moment document fingerprinting is only available with emails but it will soon be extended to include documents saved in SharePoint.

If you are interested in configuring document fingerprinting with Office 365 emails then follow this blog post:

Protect your IP Using Document Fingerprint

Technologies like document fingerprinting highlight the commitment Microsoft is making to security and compliance in Office 365. It is also expected that these will continue to increase over time, so if you have a need for this level of security within your organization then take a look at what these options can provide for your business.

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