No more Box Product?

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 10th, 2013

Since Adobe’s recent announcement regarding the axing of perpetual licensing for Creative Suite, it’s fair to start wondering if other vendors will start moving in the same direction – and how quickly.

Microsoft too sees subscription services as the way of the future; their subscription based offering of Office 365 has made this obvious for some time.  So, many are probably speculating as to whether Microsoft intends to make a similarly bold decision and remove Office perpetual licensing from their portfolio.

Not any time in the immediate future, according to their Office News Blog.

In a post no doubt inspired by Adobe’s announcement Microsoft stated “…Within a decade, we think everyone will choose to subscribe because the benefits are undeniable. In the meantime, we are committed to offering choice–premier software sold as a package and powerful services sold as a subscription…“

At Correct, we certainly see that there is still a need for perpetual licensing in its various forms – OEM, Retail and Volume Licensing.  Of course, Software as a Service will increasingly play a role in delivering solutions as more businesses shift infrastructure to the Cloud, but it’s perhaps a little premature to think everyone’s ready for it just yet.

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