RASNewOrleans_200If you didn’t hear or didn’t know about it, last month Ryan spent some time in the USA – New Orleans to be more specific – at an IT Pro conference about the new Small Business Server, migration strategies and the general outlook for smaller IT Companies. Ryan was also asked to be one of the panellists for two sessions.

The first session was on Remote Applications and teleworking, during this session Ryan demonstrated the software Correct uses to allow your clients or suppliers to easily and securely access Line of Business applications that don’t have web inter-faces, or require full blown programs to access.

We have put systems in for 4 clients so far that allows either their customers or suppliers to access only certain programs and information as if they are part of the company.

The second session was called “Future shock” and highlighted the direction we thought IT was heading over the next 2 to 3 years and how we, as SMB IT Professionals and resellers should be positioned to best serve the needs of our clients as well as keeping up to date with the changes to technology that is happening at a rapid pace.

Overall the conference was good, and it was great to spend some time in New Orleans and experience the night life and the friendly people.

Catching up with like minded IT people from around the world and discussing what new ways we can make our clients systems work better, greener and more efficient also made the trip a very worthwhile experience.