Right on the heels of new larger iPhones comes new larger phones from Google the Nexus 6 (strangely familiar eh?). You can find all the details of the new phone from Google here:


Along with the new phone comes an updated version of Android codenamed ‘Lollipop’.

The new phones will be available for pre-order here in Australia in November directly from the Google site.

Along with the new phone will be a new tablet known as the Nexus 9. It is interesting how much more focus Google is placing on design, so much so that many of these new devices are beginning to look ‘Apple-esk’ in appearance. This is perhaps an indication of what needs to be done in an extremely competitive and commoditised market.

If you have a modern Android phone you should also expect to see an update to the ‘Lollipop’ version of software in the next few weeks. As always with the latest software, it pays to be a little behind the bleeding edge and of course ALWAYS do a backup of your device before you upgrade (you ALWAYS do a full backup don’t you? Don’t you?).

The continued penetration of mobiles into traditional desktop areas continues to point the way to the importance of mobile as strategy of every business. If your business needs help developing a strategy or managing a fleet of mobile devices then do not hesitate to contact us here at Correct Solutions on (02) 8831 8200 for assistance.

Image courtesy of nixxphotography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net