Nathans Truck and Trailer Smash Repairs (Nathans) is a NSW based business with over 60 years’ experience in the repair industry. In 2006 the Nathans team were becoming increasingly frustrated with their IT partner. The incumbent provider was taking a long time to respond to and resolve issues which was slowing down service delivery and hindering operations.

With no internal IT specialists, Manager Michelle Nathan, was tasked with identifying a new IT service provider. Michelle turned to a friend at Analitix.

“We didn’t want everyone being pulled away from their core tasks to try and fix IT issues they didn’t really understand. Even if it is something simple like setting up a new printer, because we are not IT people it would take so long to get right. When you weight value to do it, we knew it was better to outsource the right IT skills.


Moving to Analitix proved to be a highly positive experience for Michelle and the Nathans team. This was then amplified when Analitix was acquired by Correct Solutions in 2017, providing Nathans with greater access to valuable support, expertise, and resources.

Correct Solution’s holistic approach was completely different to the previous providers who were selective in the issues they solved. As a result of this, the IT induced headache the team were once suffering is now a thing of the past.

“The Analitix team and now the Correct team to a greater level, were able to update and manage our file servers, email servers and programs. We are completely confident that our business is secured thanks to Correct’s strong focus on security. All of our telephony, internet and domain name is managed by Correct. We even rent hardware from them so we never have to worry about buying or fixing machines – we can focus on trucks and trailers instead,” says Michelle.

Along with the transparency between the two parties, Michelle credits their positive experience to the trust Nathans has in Correct Solutions.

“We are not IT experts and so we have to put our faith in our IT provider and trust that they will always be making decisions in the best interest of our business and not theirs. We have never had reason to question if this is the case with Correct. We have to trust them, and we do,” says Michelle.


As a result of the effective partnership with Correct Solutions, Michelle believes the entire Nathans team have more time to dedicate to core business.

In addition to streamlined processes, Michelle also has the comfort and assurance that their IT is in safe hands. As well as removing workload, this also reduced worry and stress caused by ineffective IT.

For anyone suffering the same frustrations as Michelle initially was, her advice is simple, look for a company that has the scope to support you in the way they say they will and don’t be intimidated by cost.

“Nathans is 100% Correct all the way! All of Correct teams are friendly and take the time to translate the IT jargon to us. They also know all about our business. Even some of our staff that don’t work with Correct often always ask to bring them in when there are issues; IT related or not! All of our staff love Correct. I think this is because we have similar values and ethics which makes it easy to work well together,” concludes Michelle.

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