As users are becoming increasingly mobile, the amount of data they carry with them is also on the rise.  For instance, how easy is it now to keep confidential data like your price lists on your phone or iPad?

While this convenience is fantastic, what happens to that data in the event that the device is lost or stolen could be a real concern.  The biggest potential issue is that your username and password by default is saved in the email area and the ability for someone to reply to your emails or download further email from the system is therefore a real risk.

We have long said mobile devices should be password protected and should auto delete their memories (often called factory reset or wipe) if the password is entered in wrong, but this isn’t always implemented.

We now have another option!  The VSA (Virtual Systems Administrator) software that enables us to remotely access and manage clients’ servers and desktops can now be added to mobile devices.

Once installed/activated it allows us to do the following:

  • Deploy centralised security policies
  • Deploy email configuration profiles so the user doesn’t need to know or ask for the settings to connect to your server
  • Maintain an inventory of your mobile devices
  • Track the location of your devices either in real time or based off location history (yes we can turn this bit off if people are worried)
  • Lock, wipe or reset a lost or stolen device

Putting the geek hat on for a moment, let’s say you leave or have your phone stolen while at a restaurant.  With the Mobile Device Management module installed we could simply turn the volume to full, turn the device speaker on, play a sound like “This phone has been stolen, take me back!” or a generic alarm sound and repeating it continually, if that doesn’t work we then have the option to wipe/reset the device so no data is lost.

We are still testing the system internally, and with some trial customers, if you are interested we are more than happy to either add you to the trial or to the waitlist for production deployment.