Burwell Technologies was experiencing performance issues on their Virtual Server.  During discussions with the client and evaluation of their current infrastructure, Correct Solutions recommended a “mid-life upgrade” rather than simply replacing the hardware.

A mid-life upgrade will extend the life of existing hardware that is still otherwise reliable and under manufacturer’s hardware warranty.  This option provided a cost-effective option for Burwell; they get to see a performance boost while maximising their previous investments in infrastructure.

The upgrade involved increasing the amount of RAM as well as a hard disk replacement to increase storage capacity.  More than 48GB RAM was installed onto the hardware platform which meant that the limits within the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 had been reached.

Correct Solutions recommended upgrading the machine to Windows Server 2012 Standard, which also helps to extend the life of the hardware, but more importantly, allows us to unlock the new features in Hyper-V such as Dynamic RAM to solve the limitation issue and Virtual Hard Disk Formatting (which can support up to 64TB of storage).

Correct Solutions facilitated the entire procurement process; sourcing the hardware and provisioning the licensing, as well as set up and installation.  Our technicians attended site after hours; the server was efficiently and safely backed up and migrated onto the upgraded platform.

The whole process was completed with minimal business down time and no negative impact on business continuity, Burwell were up and running the next day without issue.

Industry: Manufacturing & Distribution

Company size: 11 – 49 Seats