Microsoft steps up cloud security

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 19th, 2014


One concern many people have about putting their information in the cloud is security. Many feel uncomfortable trusting their information to a location that they can’t see or directly control. Businesses such as Microsoft take extraordinary steps to ensure customers data is maintained to the highest level possible.

To that effect, Microsoft has an Office 365 Trust Center website that you can visit and browse through all the measures that they are taking to ensure that information is secure. What you may not appreciate is that Microsoft has to ensure that it complies with a raft of legal requirements from governments all over the world. It is the only company that currently complies with them all, even the tough standards set by the European Union.

An example of the security improvements that Microsoft continues to make is the recent announcement of enhanced encrypted storage for documents in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. From July 2014 they will start encrypting each file with a unique key and storing each file in a random storage container within their data center. To the user this change will be seamless and largely unnoticed, however it greatly improves the security of individual documents saved within Office 365.

Microsoft are also extending their Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. DLP allows you to set policies as to what information can be sent outside an organization. For example you can prevent emails and documents containing credit cards from being sent to people not inside your business.

You can read about all these improvements as well in the following blog post:

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