Microsoft opens new Cybercrime centre

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | November 18th, 2013


In response to the growing threat of Internet based crime, Microsoft has opened a new Cybercrime centre aimed at combating privacy and piracy as well as fighting things such as spam and botnets.

The new initiative brings together security professionals, lawyers and other specialists all aimed at reducing the growing threat that computer security is posing. It is clear that large technology companies need to take the initiative on this front as they are best placed to respond quickly to threats and have the resources to chase down offenders and get attention from governments. For too long criminals have been able to easily out manoeuvre the slow moving world of legislation and international law enforcement.

Microsoft has already had a number of high profile successes, taking down malicious botnets and software piracy programs. The Microsoft initiative is winning praise for its multi pronged approach to dealing with the threats by incorporating fraud, security and software specialists.

It is hoped that similar initiatives from other companies can work together at the highest level to bring security and piece of mind back to our digital infrastructure. The challenge is there but initiative like this from Microsoft could well measure up and over come the threats we face.

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