Microsoft Lync provides users with instant messaging (IM), online  meetings, availability information and audio and video conferencing. Many organizations are finding that it makes a great replacement for much of the trivial emails that float around.

To use Microsoft Lync you need a Lync server either on your site or hosted via a service like Office 365.
Correct Solutions have recently made a significant investment in Lync integration to its phone system. All employees have their own Lync account that appears when they login to their workstation. This allows them to first see who is available and chat with others directly rather than having to rely on emails. This is extremely convenient when only a quick answer is required.

As many are aware, Correct conducts a team huddle every morning to keep all staff up to date. Using Lync, team members who may not be in the Castle Hill office at the time can still participate in the meeting, all via Lync on their desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

As businesses become more and more dispersed and as more people elect to work away from the office tools like Microsoft Lync allow everyone to be in touch no matter where they are and no matter what device they use, as Lync can be used on mobiles, tablets and even just a web browser.

Progressive businesses are also using Microsoft Lync to conduct web presentations for their customers and prospects. They can also elect to record these presentations and re-use the content again and again.

Correct has already seen the benefits of wide spread Lync integration through out its business and believes that many of its customers can also benefit from the features that Lync provides.
If you want a demonstration of what Microsoft Lync can do for your business don’t hesitate to contact us.