Message encryption coming to Office 365

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | December 6th, 2013


A common question that many people ask these days is how can they easily send information securely? Certainly not via normal email as everything sent in that manner is delivered unencrypted by default. The good news is that Office 365 will very shortly support the ability to send and received encrypted emails.

The way the service will work is detailed in the following blog post:

In short, an administrator can establish a rule to send encrypted messages that a user can then take advantage of. The message recipient will receive an unencrypted email asking them to login to Office 365 to retrieve the full message,including attachments, securely.

The new hosted encryption facility will be available in early 2014 and will be included free with any existing E3 and E4 plans. All other plans will have the option to add hosted message encryption as an add on to their existing plan.

When combined with Information Rights Management, the new hosted email encryption service demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to allowing users to control their information and prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access.

If you want to work with information securely on the Internet then you should closely consider the tools that Office 365 offers.

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