On the first Tuesday in November Correct Solutions celebrated Melbourne Cup in style with a party of appropriate proportions!

Melbourne Cup FoodCatering wizard, Kevin Tso, was in full swing providing not only an amazing platter of cold meats, cheese and biscuits but a second course that had us all salivating until lunch of BBQ Chorizo and wings cooked by one of our Technicians, Derek Tse.

In addition to this Derek had another surprise up his sleeve bringing along his smoker and putting the ribs on early! Yum!





Melbourne Cup BarbequeWe had a good handful of people dress up for the day; David Wales did his best Penguin Impression while Alan Sianghio stood out with his highly fashionable Jacket and Bow Tie combination. An honourable mention must go to Sam Clarke who did her best to bring a Unicorn to the party.

At 3pm we all gathered in the boardroom for the race and those with the long shots who were leading at the start got overly excited before crashing back down as their randomly selected sweep horse did the same.




Correct Solutions Team at Melbourne Cup


Congratulations to the winners on the day and thank you again to Kevin and all those who assisted putting on a great day.